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       The company was founded in 2005. Since the establishment of the company, Chairman Mr.Luo has attached great importance to corporate culture. With the development of the company, he has continuously accumulated, improved and perfected the corporate culture and led the company's development. In 2015, with the continuous deepening of the performance model, the company's senior leaders began to systematically promote the construction of corporate culture: the corporate mission of “providing a platform for employees, creating benefits for the company, and being responsible for the society”, and “employees first, customers first” 'The company's core values and the company's corporate culture system have been formed and widely disseminated.
       (1) Idea culture
       The company's senior leaders combined the different historical stages of the company's development and the particularity of the cable industry's products, and repeatedly organized management and employees to summarize and refine, and established the company's mission, vision, and core values. The meaning and explanation are shown in Table 1-2.

       Table 1-2 Mission, vision, core values, etc.


       (2) Creating a good internal operating environment culture
       1) Create an environment of integrity and compliance with the law
       Among the company's moral concepts of "sincerity, kindness, frugality, and modesty", "sincerity" comes first. The company believes that "integrity and loyalty are the bottom line of being a person and an enterprise, and deception is evil." Under the guidance of this concept, senior leaders are committed to creating an environment of integrity and law compliance, collecting laws and regulations, and organizing compliance evaluations and training on laws and regulations every year. The Legal Department was established, and external legal experts were invited to serve as corporate legal consultants throughout the year to provide legal guidance and supervision on internal labor disputes, contract management, intellectual property management, and rights protection and counterfeiting. At present, it has obtained "Credit Abiding Contracts" and AAA corporate credit rating.

       Figure 1-6 Honor of the company's honesty and compliance
       2) Ensure the quality and safety of products and services
       For the cable industry, quality is the main point that affects product reputation and customer satisfaction, and senior leaders pay special attention to quality issues. The company regards product quality as the basis for survival and establishment, strictly abides by national regulations and standards, implements and passes GB / T 19001-2015, GJB9001C-2017 and other quality management system certifications, and has formulated a series of procedures and documents to ensure product quality Stable and reliable. Among them, GJB9001C-2017 system certification is one of the prerequisites for the supplier market access of military enterprises. It has put forward strict and detailed specifications and requirements in terms of risk management, material changes, technical status changes, and first item inspection. The company builds the foundation for military product R & D and quality assurance capabilities. Committed to manufacturing high-quality military cable products, it has an independent quality management organization, the Quality Assurance Department, which is responsible for quality management.