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"Welcome to May Day and Bloom Vigor" 2021 "Exxon Cup Egg Breaking Competition" was successfully held

Release time:2021-04-30 09:16:12Popularity:

       In order to relieve work pressure and adjust the tense working atmosphere, on the occasion of the Labor Day holiday, Anhui Exxon Technology Group Co., Ltd. organized a "Celebrate May Day" theme team building activity to create a "unity, passion, and responsibility" work The atmosphere enables everyone to devote themselves to the follow-up work with a better mental outlook.

       On the afternoon of April 29, 2021, the "Second Exxon Cup Egg Breaking Competition" officially kicked off in the meeting room on the fourth floor of the company. There are a total of 32 players, 16 teams, and 8 tables. The support from the advanced level and the active participation of the front-line employees greatly energized the on-site atmosphere.


The game begins, draw lots for seats!



       No one was willing to be eliminated in the round of the game, and everyone was in fierce competition.


       The atmosphere of the event was high, the scene was lively and harmonious, passionate and vigorous, and the wonderful teamwork and duel scene attracted many people to watch and cheer.



       Semi-final: Hold on and win!

       After 4 rounds of exciting competitions, 32 people produced 2 first prizes, 2 second prizes, 4 third prizes, and 8 encouragement prizes in a team of 2 people.

       The winners came to the stage to receive the award!




       As the saying goes, "A single wire cannot form a thread, and a single tree cannot form a forest." The power of teamwork can make great achievements. In this event, a group of two people cooperated with each other. The players in the process of earnestly discussing card skills increased the feelings between the employees, and made Exxon Group one step closer to the goal of building a good team.

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